“When the Darkness Takes Over”


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Gazing up at the stars

Shining bright in all their glory

I lie waiting for the morning sun

Listening to the whispers of the angels

Engulfed in the divinity of the Creator

Yet abandoned they stand doomed beyond pity

Summer sky so wide n open

Sign of freedom with no comparison

Yet a stranger to its very inhabitants

Should I feel happy or sorry at their misery?

Have they been forsaken or forgiven?

I lie waiting for the morning sun

Should one question or not the ideology of faith?

What are metaphors of good and evil?

When the angels lurk in darkness

I lie waiting for the morning sun

Gazing at the stars

Shining bright in all their glory

The devil smiles through the gates of hell

As the angels burn and turn to ashes

I watch waiting for the morning sun. 


“State of Fear”


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Where are you my beloved?

I know you are here with me

Yet I am in a state of fear

You know I still love you

then why is it I don’t feel your trust

I’m still mesmerized by your presence

Then why don’t you see it in my eyes

I can hear the words hidden in your whispers

Still you doubt my attention towards you

I know things have not been smooth

I have been engulfed by other mysteries

It’s never been easy to figure out life

Yet my love for you has never shaken

Though covered by the dust of time often

You still remain the centre of my gravity

Then why it is that I feel so distant

As if I’ve lost my world in a moment

You’ve strayed too far or have I?

I need to feel you close again

I want to hold you but why I can’t?

I know you are here with me

Yet why I am in a state of fear.

“Wait for Spring”


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Spring has come

flowers have blossomed everywhere

why is it that I can’t feel the sun?

they say it’s been shining brightly

why do I feel it’s going to rain any second?

they say its warmth is far reaching

why is that I’m so cold in the core

what is this feeling of despair which haunts?

They say it’s so pleasant these days

yet it’s so hard to withhold myself from anguish

they say the sky is its perfect blue

then how come I only see it grey?

Am I the only one ungrateful?

the dawn has yet to shine for me

still they say spring has come

flowers have blossomed everywhere

when wherever I look they seem wilting.

“God and humans”


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When is the last time you remember wanting something so bad…ITS LIKE ALWAYS…..how about when you want to change that and then you come that far that you are able to and then there is the waiting to find out what happens. How does one survive and all you can do is pray because your prayers are the only things that keep you alive. The only power a human being has is their prayer. People say that destiny is written, it is but what they need to understand is that a good prayer can change destiny even. Moreover, it’s only the most important of your decisions that have been or are written and not everything because if it were so then there would no concept of good and evil deeds or sins. God has given us free will and that we need to understand. For example, if we have a knife then we can use it for any of the two things wither to cut someone’s throat or to cut an apple; also, if we have money we can either do charity or gamble. It’s us who make the choice then how can we blame it on God. I don’t understand how people do that. When something good happens it’s all good to go sometimes even no mention of God occurs or not even a word of thanks to Him but just when everything starts to go wrong then all of a sudden He is their culprit. Interesting creatures we humans are.

“Lost or Found”


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The wind that blew past

took my breath away

a thousand words squashed into whispers

brought back the forsaken memories

ones that were being hid from

lying deep within the core of the heart

as if erupting from the depths of the oceans

Alas! the pain has struck me numb

nowhere to run or hide, the cold showers

set free from the darkest of the clouds

Is there any ray of hope?

whe lost path waiting to be discovered

why can’t I see? See a thing

Is it just me or the darkness has engulfed everywhere

where was I meant to be and where I am?

the flow of the breeze too hard to resist

an encounter with the long forgotten past

frozen forever secrets that should never be told

yet fall from my eyes, is the rain or me?

nothing is transparent and I’m blurred as well

Is it all out there or is this the struggle within?

until there is a new dawn, it’s hard to tell.

“Power of Love”


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So what that I did not find love

what I’ve found no one else has

I am mesmerized yet surprised even

that an unfaithful like me has been so blessed

billions who strive and struggle for your love

yet tested they are every step of the way

brought down my own misery and destruction,

then why do so many blessings await me still

I thought that I had strayed too far ahead

then why is there still a bond of association

others have blossomed everything to welcome you

then why is there that wait for my invitation

my betrayal, unfaithfulness and no gratitude

why do you still love me so much

I’m naive no one knows that better than you

yet why is so much longing for my repentance

when repentance will not change my being the oppressor

yet why is there still so much sympathy for me

my anger is not for anyone else but for myself

despite knowing your worth I don’t value you enough.

“Streaming throught the life of Madness I’ve come”


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When every ounce of me was shaken

when the false promises were broken 

when the window sillings gave way

when the spreading dawn was of no help

when the fragrances turned sour

when through with the mindless numbings

when every star began to bleed

when the contineous shudders subsided

when the woven path entangled

when the flesh ripped from the soul

and the hourless hours of soul searching

the glory of knowing everything passed

the shattered glasses that lay scattered

everything so sheltered yet vulnearble

someone lay there thinking

what will did it had, if any 

what power possessed not bound by questions

the screeching helplessness standing by

every step of the unknown path

did you know not that you’re nothing

the hand that has crept forward, hold it

every soul is lost, every mind dumb

unless you find the true light

the unending illumination that enlightens the path

those who come this far realize

they have through the life of madness. 





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Where am I? I don’t know

Where is my love? I don’t know

Everything seems so dark, all around me

I’ve lost my path, it’s possible my soul as well

All the life that is left is getting sucked out

Only darkness remains, which kills

Every part of my being is in misery

The pain has become unbearable till it subdues

I am only able to watch myself being engulfed

As I lose myself into the ashes of the past

a deep kind of numbness engulfs my existence

in the midst lays a dead heart that beats still.

“When the Darkness Falls”


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When the darkness falls

all I can see is you

In the dimming light of the night

with every sorrow begotten

my heart sees you

hears your heart beat

all silent screams that I utter

only you can hear

you are everywhere

touch every corner of my life

like a small ray of hope

I want to hold you, always

in my arms, in my heart, in my soul

I hear you talking to me

in that silent language of yours

I can feel your eyes on me

the lonely nights mesmerized by your presence

when I have all my fears encroaching

yet I don’t break down

because I know you are there

as when the darkness falls

all I can see is you.



Na mila yar tu kiya

Humain jo mila woh kisi ko nahi mila

Khush kismati ki inteha hai magar yeh hairat bhi 

mujh bewafa per tera itna karam kiyo hai

Lakhoon jatan kiye jinho ne, wafain hazar ki

un per yeh azab-e-imtihaan kiyo hai

Meri barbadiyon ki mein kudh hi ho zimadar

mujh per phir bhi yeh tera rahim kiyo hai

Mein door nikal aai kahin per ho phir bhi

tujhse abhi bhi bandhi hon yeh ehsaas kiyo hai

Tere liye mehfil sajai kisi aur ne

phir bhi mere bulane ki zaroorat kiyo hai

Meri itni behrukiyon per bhi

tujhe mujhse itni muhabbat kiyo hai

Mein aimak hon yeh yeh janta tu hai phir bhi

mere pachtawe ki aas lagae huwe kiyo hai

Mere pachtawe se na hoge mere sitam kam

phir bhi mujhse yeh hamdardi kiyo hai

Guzza kisi per nahi balke kudh per hai ke

mujhe teri qadar hoke bhi uska ehsaas nahi hai.